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Discussion in 'Ducks' started by columbiacritter, May 11, 2010.

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    I've only have 3 runner ducklings right now so I've kept them in a rubber maid container in the house to get them more socializing with people. Under the container I've put one of my seedling starting mats from the greenhouse. It's an ultra durable water proof heat mat designed to be on for weeks at a time to get seeds to sprout. No matter how wet they get their bedding it stays warm so they have very little risk of chilling. I do have a small heat lamp pointed down into one corner but they avoid it more than use it, even when wet.

    I will definitely be using these for all my little fuzzies in the future. The mat is about 1' x 2' and was about $25.
    I've also used the reptile heat mats from the pet store, but they are not nearly as water resistant or durable.
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    I've been thinking about those germination mats, but decided not to. My babies are in the house in a shipping crate lined with plastic, covered the pee wee type pads from Walmart, and a cotton towel to lay on. Plus the heat lamp with regular light bulbs (start with 100W going down each week). The problem I see with the pads it that they heat from below which means they also heat the bacteria, which happily multiplies. The ducks will inhale the bacteria and byproducts, which can make them sick. I feel that the cotton towel gives them enough insulation from below.
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    This is such a good idea!

    The last two times
    I had duckling, I bought heating pads, then sewed waterproof material around them and sealed them with duct tape (inside of a plastic tub for a brooder). Then I had to regulate the heat by changing the settings often and I had to put them on a timer. They turn off automatically every 2 hours, so i set it to go off every 1.75 hours and turn back on in 15 minutes. During the day they had a lamp, and at night I stuck hand warmers inside of little blankets/pocket things I made for them.....

    Your idea is much easier!

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