Bought a pen of 4H ducks at fair & daughter joining 4H

Discussion in 'Random Ramblings' started by patman75, Aug 21, 2010.

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    They held a silent auction for 4H chickens, ducks, rabbits and turkeys at our local fair. My bid for a pen of ducks held up [​IMG] . My bid on a pen of rabbits was outbid at the last second [​IMG] .

    Even though they are overpriced its all for the kids. Now I have to find some good duck recipes. Anyone have a favorite recipe they like to share?

    I also picked up all the 4H info for my daugher who is now old enough to join. She can only compete for showman ship with chickens and rabbits until she is 9, but she can do all the craft things. Our backyard flock is so tame to her she should have no problems showing one of them for the fair next year.

    Anyone else get there kids info 4H at an early age?

    It should be a fun year!
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    I want to put my daughter in 4H but she is only six years old. They are so limited in what the kids can do at Cloverbuds stage and most kids are good about caring for animals.
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    Mine is only 5 but will be 6 when the next fair comes around. From what my Aunt told me she can show rabbits and chickens but only for showmanship. And she can do the crafts. Is there anymore to it at that age?

    I did 4H from 13-16 but I had steers.
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    Quote:It must differ from state to state. Our Cloverbuds to not show at all here. Call your extension office and they can point you in the right direction!

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