Bought a turkey with bumble foot, can you help me save him?....


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Feb 5, 2009
Platina, Ca.
So here is the deal didnt think it was this bad. Noticed his foot was swollen and thought I could help it. But when I got home I found it was worse then I thought. He is missing his back toe, one of his nails, and the open part of the pad is about a inch and a half. His leg is warm up to his knee and red. I was hoping maybe Tylan injections might work because when trying to soak and clean the bird gets really stressed and I could not contain him long enough to do much of anything. What should I do? Should I just try and clean again then wrap is there anything I can put in the wound before wrapping? Also can you give a turkey Tylan and where is the best injection sight? The bird also has no chest feathers so I'm thinking he has had this for awhile, looks as if he has been laying more then walking, also his wings, it looks like he has been using one as a "crutch" at some point. Any help would be great, not sure if I should put him down or try to save. Thanks...
He is just a broad breasted bronze, nothing fancy just a meat bird. But I still felt bad for him. I was able to save one before with just cleaning with salt water everyday, but he was ours and very tame, this one is flighty.


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Apr 23, 2010
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I found this page that might help.

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