Bought two new chickens (10 wks old) - wanting to add to my flock

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    Jun 17, 2011
    I just got two new chickens, a rooster, and another hen. They are close to the same age as mine and I bought them from a breeder. Unfortunately, the breeder didn't say anything about how to introduce them or anything. So I immediately added them to my flock. I observed them awhile and saw that my hens were telling them who was boss by pecking at them and running them around. So luckily I looked online to see how to introduce them without them getting injured. I'm glad that I saw that I should quarantine them first - so I took them out and put them in a pen in the garage. I also cleaned my coop - worrying that I may have introduced an illness without knowing. I just cleaned out the old hay and put in new hay. Do I need to do anything else to insure that my chickens don't catch anything from these new ones? Please let me know if I should do more. The new chickens were probably with mine for about 30 minutes. It wasn't long. Thanks.
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    It's good that you've got them quarantined now, and cleaned out the coop. I think I'd disinfect the coop too, to be safe - using something antibacterial and antiviral.
    I'd dose the existing flock with vitamin tonic & then apple cider vinegar to make sure their immune systems are functioning as well as possible.

    Fingers crossed, it'll all be fine! x
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    Mar 13, 2010
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    Quote:Let's hope that nothing was transmitted from the newbies to your flock in that 30 minute time frame. Keep them quarantined for at least 30 days. Thoroughly inspect them head to toe. You'll be looking for lice/mites, scaley leg mites, bumblefoot, sneezing, runny eyes/nostrils, check their poop for abnormalties/parasites etc....If there are any problems, the 30 day time frame will give you the time to treat (worms for example) whatever the problem is or cull depending on the severity of the problem. Keep an eye on your old flock for anything out of the ordinary as well. Good luck.

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