Bourbon Red Tom - Free


12 Years
Aug 26, 2009
Uxbridge MA
I have a beautiful Bourbon Red Tom who was born in May 2010. He is very friendly and sweet, is allowed to free range partial day. His commercial turkey friends went to freezer camp last month and now he has only the chickens to play with.

I you would keep him as a pet and can come and pick him up ( I may be able to transport if you are reasonably close) then you may have him. My son really loves him so I really do not want him to be dinner.



I would be interested in owning a different type of bird. Now i just got chickens and today i will buy me a pheasant. but i have no turkeys! lol so if you can tell me what part of mass you live maybe i can pick him up. I live in Plainville Ct, or we can arrabge something, please let me know. thanks!

I live in Uxbridge Massachusetts. I am actually very close to some parts of CT. I am also directionally challenged ;-)
Well nuts! I have a Bourbon Red hen and she is our only remaining turkey. Our male guinea has become friends with her but I know she misses her turkey friends. I wish we lived closer cuz she could use a turkey friend.
I love Bourbon Reds and had a tom for many years. What a luv.
If no one has adopted him yet and you don't get anyone before this "auction" runs out, please let me know. I wasn't planning on bringing home another turkey just yet, but I can't let one go "homeless"! I'm in Salem, but have been to Uxbridge many times.
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I just want him to go to a loving home..If you are ready for him, you may have him now :) let's set up a day for you to come? He really is such a love..
I would love to do that, but I'm hesitating because I promised everyone I'd stop bringing home more critters! You know how easy THAT is to do.
If one of the Connecticut BYCers comes through, that would be great.

That's why I'm saying that if you don't have any takers, I'll offer myself as a "last resort" because I'm a sucker for toms, and particularly Bourbon Reds. He'll get a loving home here, but I will get a lot of nasty looks from various family members who remind me that I need to cut back on my addiction. Maybe I'll tell them that I'll quit -- cold turkey -- after bring home one more live, warm turkey.

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