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Bourbon Red Turkey Eggs into the bator***** They're Hatching *******

Discussion in 'Incubating & Hatching Eggs' started by Grampa with chickens, Apr 6, 2009.

  1. I just set 12 bourbon red turkey eggs this morning.

    A big THANK YOU goes out to bloomnbeauty for the eggs.

    This is my first attempt with turkey eggs, but I have had pretty good luck with chickens. So here goes nothing. [​IMG] They should hatch on May 3.

    From everything that I have read, they need the same temp and humidity as the chicks do. Only that they need 28 days to hatch. If I am missing something, please let me know. I am very eggcited for these little guys and hope to get a good hatch. This should be a great next step to my hatching addiction. [​IMG]
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  2. walkswithdog

    walkswithdog Crowing

    Jul 17, 2008
    DC Region
    Good luck, my bator has seven of them in it! Go REDS! Mine are staggered because they had to be stolen from a weird broody. When they hatch is anybody's guess, this should be fun.
  3. Well Good Luck to you.
  4. walkswithdog

    walkswithdog Crowing

    Jul 17, 2008
    DC Region
    I sometimes wonder what my Grandpa would think of my little farm. I think he'd be pleased with the land and my beginnings of an orchard. He was a grower for Calavo in CA when I was growing up but I lost him when I was 17.

    I think he'd like turkeys. They're peaceful beasts.
  5. Marion

    Marion Songster

    Feb 21, 2007
    Wilmington, NC
    I have a dozen Bourbon Red eggs from David @ Plain_View_Farm in the incubator due April 23... my first time with turkeys! David has been a great help and willing to go the "extra mile" to give me a good start!
  6. miss_jayne

    miss_jayne Lady_Jayne

    Jun 26, 2008
    Columbiaville, MI
    i am setting 12 BR's today. it will be an adventure.

    also have Calico, Narrag's and Bronze eggs set. yeah!

    blessings for a good hatch, Grandpa! [​IMG]
  7. BR are beautiful! I want some, but so far I can't convince my DH! Hope you have a good hatch, grandpa! I hope you post some pictures when they hatch so I can enjoy them from afar!

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  9. Thanks Steve,
    I knew they need more protein. Is the game bird food cheaper than regular Turkey starter??

    I got sticker shock when I priced it today. Good thing I have time to look around.

    Good Luck to all of us hatching these beautiful birds. I think they are a good looking bird.
  10. walkswithdog

    walkswithdog Crowing

    Jul 17, 2008
    DC Region
    A good 28% game starter is probably more expensive. But you get it back in quick feather and VERY productive growth.

    I used to use just chick starter for all my chicks. Then I had both chicks and poults and bought the game starter.

    The difference in feather and grow out in the chickens was so good, even when I'm NOT raising any turkeys I get the game starter for my chicks. They feather so fast, are so strong and grow so quickly they clear into the outdoor brooders faster and into the coops faster. Saving me all kinds of space and labor.

    Yeah it's not cheap, but it is excellent bang for your buck.

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