Bourbon Red turkeys sick and dying


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8 Years
Sep 5, 2011
We have had two Bourbon Red turkeys to get sick and die. They died weeks apart. We thought the first one was a flook, as noone else was sick but then today we went out and one was listless and then died. They were all fine yesterday. What could the cause be? They literally look fine one day and then the next are lifeless and then die. It's very quick whatever it is. They free range on a very large pasture area.
Sounds like poison or some type of poison berry to me. Any neighbors putting rat or gopher poison out? Pyracanthra (sorry about spelling) are poisonus. They are the plants with the little orange berries.
They are free range in a very large pasture area so I am just not sure about the poop but they are eating and drinking fine. They are 18 weeks old. They do have chickens come in and out of their free range area. They do not share the same coop with the chickens. We don't have anything that has orange berries. What about pears? We are feeding them lots of leftover pears.

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