Bourbon Reds and Royal Palms


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6 Years
Apr 8, 2013
Hey all, this is my first year with turkeys. I ordered the heritage breed mix off of cackle, and only lost as babies. Everyone tells me I must've got lucky, because they're fragile babies. I have I have 9 bourbon reds, and 4 royal palms. 2 royal palms are clearly males. They started fanning out at about 4 weeks. Now at 6 weeks have just started gobbling. And theyve lost most of their head feathers, and neck feathers. The other 2 I'm pretty sure are hens. They're just starting to lose their head feathers at 6 weeks.
My question is, do then reds and palms mature at the same rate? They're all about the same size, but the reds all appear to be females. Except maybe 1. None of them have fanned out, and only 1 is started to lose its head and neck feathers. So maybe I got all female bourbon reds?

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