Bow legged with Swollen Belly

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    May 14, 2013
    Hey all and thank you in advance. I have a chicken that has become bow legged and, when I picked her up today, noticed her belly was swollen. When I took a better look, her belly was also irritated and red, like she'd been pecking at it. I did have a SUPER big egg the other day, but not sure it was from her. It's almost like her muscles are big (and tender, from the way she reacted when I pressed them). Btw, her butt is dirty sometimes too. Any thoughts? Hopefully it's not an impacted egg, but if so, what do you do with that? Again, thanks in advance.
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    I would bring her inside and separate her from the others, if she has a red, angry spot on her. That can lead to pecking.

    It sounds like she could have a prolapsed vent. Could you post a picture of the "red" area, so we can get a better idea what we've got?

    Prolapse can be treated with Prep H and a little TLC.

    Egg binding (lubed fingertip in the vent finds it quickly) can be treated with Epsom salt dissolved in warm water and a trip to the "chicken spa" for 10-15 mins. If that doesn't work, sucking contents out of egg and extracting the shell is an option to save her.

    Check her over for mites and lice and their eggs around the base of her feathers around her vent while you've got her.

    Let us know. :)


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