box of romance novels


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May 20, 2009
Springfield, Oregon
a box of romance novelsI have a bunch of books I would like to get rid of.

most are from these authors.....

Christine Feehan
Christina Dodd

and possibly one or two from
G. A. Aiken

I can fit 12 books, give or take one or two, in a medium flat rate box.

that puts the starting price on these at $1.25/book. and these books go for $6.00 to $9.00 each.

if you want a list of titles or kanow certain titles you would like in the box pm me and I'll let you know if I have it, most of them I do.

thanks for looking
tittles by demand

Christine Feehan

Dark Magic
Burning Wild
Dark Dreamers
The Only One a book of 3 novellas all from different authors
Dark Fire
Dangerous Tide
Dark Challenge
Wild Fire
Dark Slayer
Dark Legend
Magic in the wind a novella
Safe Harbor
the Wicked and the Wonderous a book of 2 novellas
Dark Demon
Dark Secret
Dark Possession
Fantasy a book of 4 novellas
Water Bound
Turbulent Sea
Dark Melody

Christina Dodd

Scent of Darkness
Touch of Darkness
Into the Shadow
Storm of Visions
Storm of Shadows
Chains of Fire
Chains of Ice

there may be others, but I haven't dug them out yet


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