Boxer dogs with pepers


ChowDown Silkie Farm
10 Years
Mar 5, 2009
Hornbeak, Tennessee
My sister n law called me last night to ask if I could help her rehome her 2 Pugs. The female is 1 year old and the male is 2 years old. They are both full blooded and have papers. She told me that they are free. She may decide to ask for a rehoming fee but if she does it wouldn't be much. She lives in Jackson Tennessee and you would have to pick them up, She might meet you somewhere. You would have to talk to her about that. The female has had a litter of pups. If anybody is interested PM me and I will send you her phone number.

I have been trying to rehome one of my dogs also but have had no luck. Times are hard but pugs don't eat as much as my dog does so i'm hoping we have more luck for her. I alsohad another sister n law ask me about another dog that is a small collie mix 8 years old and spayed. Loves kids and very sweet dog. She is a meduim size dog. She is located in Obion Tennessese. Sorry I don't have pics of them but if anybody is interested just PM me and I can give you their phone numbers.

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