boy its been a long year!!!

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    hello my giant bird LOVERS!!! its been a while since i posted but i have some good news its been 2 years since i have been looking and searching for emu chicks and last week i have found a woman who has an incubator full of her own eggs DUE in january! and she is get hour and a half away from me RIGHT NOW!! lol im just so excited!!! she is a GIANT help she really is but i love to get peoples opinions! ok i have a paddock ready for when they are grown only thing is to get the fencing for it...its used for our horse right now since she free ranges she goes in and out and we normally lock her up at night in the paddock IN the summer but now its winter she lives IN the barn at night now BUT i digress lol it has a HUGE over hang that come out of the barn its PERFECT but fence wise it has its 5 foot tall wooden posts still around it but im getting wire fencing now ......i have a good idea that i want 5 foot fenceing since the 6 foot is very expensive and im thinking about nailing wood underneath so to make the fence HIGHER! lol but now im worried about shelter i can hood wink fence that LEADS into the barn but ive been told just a A frame shelter under the over hang will do just fine! but what are all of your opinions?!
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    Will just type and post:
    You will provide a lovely shelter. The emus will largely ignore it.
    Buy some random seeds to plant on the pasture. If you have any of what we Ozzies call ‘grey water’ – run off from whatever – then see if you can get it to a corner of the pasture:
    Any bit of green that lasts into the hot weather is a prize for the birds.
    Plant some random bushes and trees – particularly if you have more birds down the track: it helps reduce conflict ‘cause birds can get out of line-of-sight.
    Spend time reading the years of posts here. Sadly sadly sadly, this forum has weakened in the last year; but there is a wealth of advice in past posts.
    [Eric and little Uno are sitting in the sun behind the house. A lovely wild bird, with a fine ‘sharp’ ruff and black neck feathers, cruised past the fig tree earlier today.]

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