Boy or girl guinea? A couple general questions too...

Discussion in 'Guinea Fowl' started by asinnamon, Oct 21, 2013.

  1. asinnamon

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    Sep 29, 2013
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    Makes all the noises a girl makes, but no buck-wheating at all. Little cheeps and chirps, those weird nasally 'swirly' noises, cute little yummy noises when eating....but male type alarm calls, NO buckwheats ever. Haven't seen any eggs.

    This 'Shim' also refuses to eat chicken/turkey/fowl food. Now that most of our bugs are gone, being in New Hampshire(US), 'Shim' will only eat my wild bird seed. Is that an ok diet for him/her/it?

    We are making a coop and thinking about getting 'Shim' some buddies...I have no idea 1. how old this bird is or 2. what he/she/it was raised with. Different folks have told me different things about whether to get guineas or chickens. I would prefer chickens, since they lay eggs and the guinea is somewhat noisy I can't see having more then 2, tops! But will chickens get along with this guniea in the coop for the winter? We are talking about all adult birds here. I have been told yes, chickens will be fine and I have been told no, they will pick on each other. I have also been told the guinea would be fine all alone, but that just seems sad!
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    The only female unique call is the buck wheat call, so you more than likely have a male, guineas are extremely social birds and it is cruel to have one on it's own..... Guineas are very well known for being hostile toward chickens, especially roosters, I have some guineas who are more laid back while others are complete terrors! I'd probably get some younger guineas to introduce to your existing one, good luck.

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