Boy or girl? Who's it's Mama? My first hatch with my first broody hen from my first flock.


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This is our first offspring. My rooster is (supposedly) Black Australorp. My three hens are: Speckled Sussex, Buff Orpington, and Buff Brahma. My Brahma was my broody; so I'm fairly sure she isn't the biological mama. She had been broody for at least a month before I left her one egg.

Assuming, by the polka-dots that the Speckled Sussex is bio mom. The rooster is gi-normous. The only one I have EVER seen as large as him was a Jersey Giant.

This "chic" is 10 weeks old. Should I expect crowing soon or eggs.

Yeah it's a boy. The colored feathers coming out on his neck and by tail are roo coloring coming out. He will get more of that color on back, neck and wings. That sort of color pattern is very typical of a black chicken bred to any colored chicken... can't guess mother based on that, it'd be equal for orp or sussex. The only thing I can think of is the body shape seems to be more slender... if your sussex has a longer narrower body than the orp, that may be a clue.
Looking like a boy. I also have black Australorp (supposedly) pullets and they are 4 months old and their combs and waddles are not this big compaired to their face.
I'd say that he's a rooster. I think that the Sussex was the mother. Orpingtons are a little fluffier, and his body shape looks more like a Sussex.
That's a male.

My understanding is the speckling is recessive, so I don't think that's a good clue for momma. I've got a few black hens with random white feathers that have popped up.

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