Boy Or Girl ?????????

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    Apr 17, 2011
    Hey My Chicks Hatched A Week Ago They R In Gd Health I Tried To Know Which One Is Gonna Be A Hen Or A Rooster I Wish A Can Tell Which One Is A Rooster And Which One Is A Hen Thx For Any Help
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    Posting a picture would help. At only a week old it will probably be impossible to tell though unless the chicks are sex linked.
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    [​IMG] Welcome to BackYard Chickens charbel! [​IMG]

    At this age - It is very hard if not impossible to tell the sex, unless you have sexlinks.

    You could try vent sexing, but you have to know what your doing or you could

    seriously injure the chick. Try getting somone who has experience with vent sexing

    to help you - if you can. When they are less than 24 hours old, you could feather sex

    them. They are born with 'pins' in their wings. Basically the feather shaft, but no feathers.

    Because the female usually gets the feathers faster, theres often already a start of the

    soft feather coming in on top of the 'pin'. Males only have pins - no feathers starting.

    Once again, this has to be done with-in the first 24 hours after hatching, and it's not

    a definate way of telling the sex. Once they get old enough, you can usually tell by the

    size and color of the comb. Birds with bigger more brightly colored red combs are usually

    male, and the birds with smaller paler combs are usually female. What kind of birds do

    you have? You can somtimes tell by behavior, but again this is somthing you have to

    wait until they get old enough with. Posting pictures would really help. [​IMG]

    ~ Scissor
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