Boy or girl?


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Feb 20, 2011
Can anyone tell if this is a boy or a girl? And type of chicken?

I know it is a silke x but not to sure about the other half Approx 16weeks old.

I have taken a close up of the legs not sure if those are spurs forming.





I have not heard any crowing yet and it does not flare up around the other chickens like roosters normally do.
Thanks for your advice I will have to wait and see what happens. I'm still hoping for a female but I think your right.

Wish I had a big enough propery to keep roosters.
I'm a newbie to chickens but the red comb/wattles and log neck feathers that are starting say roo to me. But I could be wrong .. I can't sex my own chickens never mind someone elses!
Thanks for the posts, I was really hopeing for a chicken not a rooster as we are not allowed to have them in our area as our block is too small.

I will have to put an ad in the paper for a free roo, thats 2 out of 5 so far that are boys.
It is definitely, positively, undoubtedly a rooster. See those shiny, pointed feathers hanging down on the sides at the base of the tail? Those are saddle feathers, and only boys get them.

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