Boy or girlie?


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Mar 22, 2012
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This chick was hatched from an egg that I got from a "mixed" coop. She is about 8 weeks old. Possible moms are Buff Orphington, RIR, or australorp. Possible dads are australorp or delaware white. A few weeks ago I took her to someone who knows a lot about chickens to find out if they thought she was a roo or a pullet. The thought was pullet due to her feathering. I am just concerned because she has such large red wattles and comb. She has had these from a very early age. She is VERY sweet and friendly. Doesn't seem to have any of the roo tendencies. Just wanted to see what others think. I just can't keep worrying about those wattles! Any chance they are just red on a hen because of the breed....whatever her breed may be?

Does its tail curl up a little or a lot? Is it agressive? Could you get better pictures?
I can try and get better pics later this evening. S/he isnt aggressive at all. Very sweet temperment. Lets me pick her up and always good with the other chicks.
Okay here is a better body shot of her/him. She turned away just as I was snapping the pic but I figure the other pics show enough of the face?
She is so sweet I am hoping she turns out to be a girl!

It's a boy. Pullets do not get blotchy or shiny colors like that, their colors flow into one another in a camouflage manner. He also is developing some shinny, and pointed saddle (feathers near the tail) feathers, and has a larger red comb.

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