Boy Seperation, Girls Happy Again


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Yep big flock management changes for the Blue Wyandottes and Silkies this weekend.

We put together a bachlor pen for 4 of the 5 young roosters. They have been driving the girls nuts trying to get them to mate. The girls are getting closer to egg laying and are still not interested in the advances of the young roosters. So the girls have not been very happy lately. Noticing that the boys were getting more determined it was decided that it is time for seperating the extras out of the main flock. Saturday evening the boys received a shock as they were taken from their comfy roosts and moved to a new pen.

The young roosters paced frantically calling out to their flock mates and giving growls with stinkeyes to their ornery caregivers for moving them. Sunday morning we checked on them only to receive more growls with stinkeyes and frantic pacing. Eventually they calmed down some, but, would become frantic everytime one of the girls that were free ranging stopped by to say hello and neiner neiner you can't touch me. (I think the girls were having some fun at their expense).

The main flock so calm today. While cleaning the coop under the watchful eyes of the girls I even heard trilling from them. Today both Saphire and Alice decided they wanted to be on my shoulders again and be petted. It was so endearing.

Lester, who is the best looking of the boys got to stay and became the new head rooster (he was the lowest ranked rooster so he really got upgraded). He has found himself as the main Romeo to the 9 girls and has been quite pleased. He kept checking though to make sure the others were not getting let out while he and the ladies got to free range.

Poor Lester still has a lot to learn on wooing the girls. He chased poor #6 through water (it rained so we have some really big puddles). Poor 6 flew to the wheelbarrow to try to hide only to discover it had water in it. She managed a fast turn and perched on the edge painting and fussing away. 6 also got a slightly wet behind too! I went over and rescued her from where she was stuck. 6 happily stayed perched on my arm and decided to allow me to taxi her around the yard, to the coop, and to her favorite perch. After hopping on her favorite perch she did some much needed preening on her feathers. Lester was trying to fake being appologetic but it was not working so he wandered over to some of the other girls for their attentions.

Yeah, the girls all got numbered leg bands cus it got to where I was getting them mixed up being they look alike now. Alice, Saphire, and Mischief are the only 3 that I can tell apart in the group.

The boys in the bachlor pen are most unhappy right now. They are really gonna be unhappy when they realize that this is just a short stay till I get the rest of my butchering equipment together. (Actuallly 1 will be kept on reserve just incase Lester does not do such a good job as head roo. Plus I read along the forums that it is always a good idea to have a spare just in case.)

The other big change was that the Silkies are now officially in the mix of the main flock. Una (wears legband # 1) has seen fit to pick on them when ever she can since the integration pen was taken out Saturday. Today though a much more relaxed Una did not pick on them as much. There seemed to be a sense of relief among the girls now that they are not being harrassed by 5 randy roosters. Ofcourse, Lester is still working on his moves with them much to their dismay. But, still not so bad as it was before.

Well, Lester is not really the only rooster in the main flock as 2 of the Silkies are boys. Even though, Shrek is so small I think he only counts as half a rooster. Cinnimon is the partridge rooster and is the biggest of the silkies. Lola who is looking more like a girl (hoping) is the second biggest silkie following by Rita, Blueberry, and the ever small Shrek.
Cinnimon has been real good about leading the Silkie flock out of danger as he keeps a sharp eye on the larger chickies. He has some neat coloring in him. Keeping him with the main flock may create issues down the road when I am ready to begin breeding. I do not want mixed breed chickies so will figure it out when that time comes (extra pens n coops in the future for breeders)

Butters and the kids are now 4 weeks and growing faster than the weeds. This little chickies can really eat too! Soon it will be their turn in the integration pen. Ofcourse, the young boys in this group will immediately be sent to the bachlor pen. Only the girls will be kept for egg laying duty and lots of spoiling.

Yep big flock management changes for everyone this weekend.
sounds like everyone should be happy, while except some of the boys
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HEhehehe,,yeah they were still sulking this morning. Ofcourse it has not affected their appetites one bit. They are still eating pretty good.
The Silkies are mostly being accepted more. Still a few girls that like to pick on them. Everyone else just ignores them for the most part.

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