boy vs. girl Cuckoo Marans

girls will generally be a darker shade of black overall and have a black stripe running down the front of the shanks.
Thanks! I can't tell a difference in the shade of black yet, as they aren'y fully dry and fluffy yet, but 1 of the 4 does have a black stripe up the front of her shanks, so I'm guessing 3 boys and a girl so far.
I got this information on another thread. I copied it down. Here it is.

Males-- larger, splotchy headspot; lighter, silvery-grayish color: little to no black down leg front.

Females-- More defined and smaller headspot; down is very black, dark wash down the front of legs.

This info helped me greatly. It was 100% correct for me. Good luck and conjrats on the chicks.
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This is a photo of my Cuckoo Marans chick when he was about two weeks old. He was sexed to be a she but as all my chicks grew up, it was clear, she was really a he.

And here's a photo of him when he's about 5 weeks old. His legs and feet were noticably larger than the other girls.


Sadly, I had to re-home him. Which was a very sad day for me. I have a small back yard and only have space for 4 chickens so to lose one was tough. And I was so looking forward to those chocolate eggs.

Good Luck with your Cuckoo's. They are BEAUTIFUL birds.
Thanks for the pic of your boy... I've changed what I think... now I think 2 are boys and 2 are girls. One of the ones I was counting as a boy had a little dark on her shanks so I was on the fence with her. But looking at the spots on their heads I've decided she must be a girl, too. If only the Light Sussex could be sexed as easily!!
These are pure Barred Rock chicks but it works the same way for Cuckoo Marans and most other pure barred breeds when a Homozygous barred roo is used. The males are lighter and look more "frosted"



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