Boy, you guys talk alot!

Discussion in 'Managing Your Flock' started by BantyChickMom, Dec 25, 2007.

  1. BantyChickMom

    BantyChickMom Songster

    Sep 25, 2007
    Henderson, NC
    Yesterday and this morning I was too busy with Christmas cleaning and cooking to get on here,
    When I finally did get here, I couldn't believe how many posts had been made.
    It has taken me several hours to catch up!

    Hope everyone had a MERRY CHRISTMAS!
  2. hatchcrazzzy

    hatchcrazzzy Songster

    Jun 8, 2007
    kemp texas
    it will get a head of you Merry Christmas
  3. Crazy4Chicks

    Crazy4Chicks Songster

    Nov 20, 2007
    Glendale, AZ
    try being without internet for 3 weeks LOL my DSL crashed and I was computerless - it took FOREVER to read what was posted in that time frame - I dont think I got to everything LOL

    ( so now I make sure to check a few times daily LOL )

  4. KingsCalls

    KingsCalls Songster

    Oct 22, 2007
    New Market,Tn.
    You snooze, you lose! LOL
  5. speckledhen

    speckledhen Intentional Solitude Premium Member 11 Years

    Boy, you guys talk alot!

    Guilty as charged, ma'am. [​IMG]
  6. Flufnstuffs~FluffySilkies

    Flufnstuffs~FluffySilkies Songster

    Jan 11, 2007
    YOU STAYED OFF THE COMPUTER and BYC on Monday you mean you have a whole seperate life.

    Acually I was not on Monday either
    . [​IMG]

    Hope you all had a Very Merry Christmas
  7. Farmer Kitty

    Farmer Kitty Flock Mistress

    Sep 18, 2007
    I'm always amazed, when I can not get to the computer frequently to check, how much was posted while I was gone!
  8. TxChiknRanchers

    TxChiknRanchers Songster

    Aug 18, 2007
    Southeast Texas
    Just think if we were all in the same room at the same time! It would be deafening!! [​IMG]

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