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Nov 12, 2015
Nor Cal
They could be over crowded or under cared for or simply abandoned. I would guess that yes it's likely to break off to find food and shelter then come back to the group to let others know what you found. There by bringing more around later.

It is possible that they were at one point a small backyard flock that got dumped then both are possibly but, anyone on here would need pictures.

Personally we took in a stray too, she was our first but we had talked and planned on getting chickens. It just happened before we were ready. It was last year and she had walked up to my mom's house in a subdivision. Turned out there was at least 1 or more flocks living in the fields that were dumped by previous owners that couldn't keep them. We've never caught any of the others and only see them once in a while. But our Mildred is happy health and queen of the flock.

So if you have ever wanted chickens this is certainly a good time to start. Least you could do is build some type of coop shelter with a roosting bar and a nesting box and move the food near there. Hopefully they will be willing to move in on their own once they find it safe. You don't have to lock then in right away if you like then free ranging, but it's a good idea to have something you can at least close at night to keep predators out. Just let the chickens back out to play in the mornings.
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Have you been feeding them?
Any efforts made finding who the first bird belongs too?
Have you decided whether or not you want to keep chickens?

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