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    Hi, I am new to this chicken raising thing. This spring we decided to raise 7 chickens, (3 breeds) wanting to have 3 different colored eggs for each of our grandkids. We have 4 longhorns (white eggs) 2 reds (brown eggs) and 1 arcadia (speckled eggs). My problem is the speckled egg layer is a rooster ! Do I need to find him a new home so he won't try to make baby chickens or do they not interbreed? Thanks for any help.
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    I'm confused...

    How do you know it's a rooster? If it's laying eggs it is not a rooster.
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    The only way you'll get baby chicks is if a hen decides to sit on the eggs for three weeks and hatch them out, otherwise you can eat a fertile egg. [​IMG] The actual chick doesn't start to develop until a hen has sat on it for at least a few days, so eating a fertile egg isn't killing anything, nor is it gross, because nothings in it. It just has potental to be a chick. [​IMG] So in short, enjoy your rooster! I would keep him if I were you. Roosters make a wonderful addition to the flock and help maintain order. If you still want speckeled eggs then get a arcadia hen to go with him. The rooster will mate with all your breeds, but this won't be a problem. I hope this clears things up, so good luck with your chickens! And [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

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