Boys or Gals? (picture heavy!)


7 Years
Oct 23, 2012
I have these pretty little 3 week old pencil laced plymouth rocks that I was raising for a local hatchery. He ran out of brooder space, and for lending him a hand I get to keep 3 of these babies. I'd like to keep a roo, and two gals and he's coming tomorrow to pick the rest up. So, I need your help, ASAP!

Chick 1 -- I'm thinking is a pullet (or just too young to tell)

Chick 2 - I'm stumped

Chick 3- I think is a roo (I mean, look at those feet!)

Chick 4 - I think is a pullet

Chick 5 - This poor fella is the runt, and is probably just not developed enough to know.

Chick 6 - I think is a roo

I have three more chicks, but I started not to not be able to tell who I'd picked up, and who I hadn't so if I can figure that out, there'll be another post with 3 more chicks. I know it's super young to really know for sure, but I'd love your best guesses so I can get what I'd like to add to my flock by tomorrow. :)
Chick 7 -- Your guess is as good as mine!

Chick 8 -- maybe a roo?

Chick 9 -- I'm guessing pullet

So the guy came this morning (nicest guy ever I will mention), and I have picked my three babies. I stuck with chick #'s 1, 3, and 5. Hoping they'll be 2 hens and a roo. There's next to nothing out there on Silver Penciled Plymouth Rocks, so I suppose I will try to post pics as they grow to help out other people who may have them. They're lovely, and I hope the roo ends up being a nice one, or he'll end up being stew!

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