boys or girls? and missing feathers? -pictures


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Apr 18, 2010
Please help me sex these three chicks. I will try to upload pics now. Thanks.Erin
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OK - so i figured out the picture thing.


The Barred Rock is about four or five weeks old and it better be a girl! I bought it from a tractor supply.

The bantam millie flur chicks are about three or four weeks old. I bought them from a nice little farm and they weren't sure since they were only two days old when I got them, but she gave me the two that she thought were girls.

What do you guys think?

Also, one of the Millie Fluers is missing its feathers on the one foot. I think you can see it in the pic. I have seen the big barred rock peck at it occasionally and wonder if that is why its missing the boot feathers. Any ideas?

im not sure - but they all look like they have combs! Ahhhh. Please help!
From everything I've read, there's no real way to tell until the combs are fully formed. Roosters have much larger combs than hens. I'm sure that's probably not the best answer in the world but it's the best one I've got. Hopefully someone else will have better info.

Mille fleur is a color, not a breed. It's a common color for Belgian d'Uccles, bantams with feathered feet and muffs instead of wattles. I think that's what you may have, and I think you've got little pullets there.

I have some at 4 weeks old that are already showing red combs that are bigger than the combs of their same age siblings.

About the missing it just one foot?

p.s.: remember, hens as well as roosters have combs. It's just that the roosters grow bigger ones, and grow them faster (usually) than the girls.

I checked and I don't have a good picture of the chicks I think are roosters, but I did find this picture I took a few days ago:


See the one on the top right, how his comb is bigger and starting to get pink? Now, a few days after this picture was taken, his comb is definitely red.
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Wow - thanks so much for posting a pic and everything. I see what you mean about the comb. How old was he there? Mine look just like yours. So, I always thought Millie Fluer is what I have. Whoops. Thanks for telling me that.
Yeah - the missing feathers are just on one foot. Strange. I swear it had feathers a few days ago - but now I am not sure if I am just remembering it wrong. But, I really think it did have feathers. Is that normal?

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