Boys or Girls? And what breed...


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I am interested in knowing what others think about genders on a few chickens I have available. Lets keep this nice.

First is the hens/roos in question. These are Polish.




What color, what gender and is this a Splashed/Mottled or Birchin Cochin?


in pic one, the one on the left looks like a hen, and the one on the right looks like a roo.
#3 dont know much about cochins, looks like a hen.
The Polish on the right looks like a rooster to me, too.

How old is the Cochin? I'm leaning towards hen, but those wattles look very red. Can't tell you the color, other than she's beautiful!
How old are the polish? I am by far no expert but polish pullets tend to have more of a tighter ball type crest and the cockerels more wild/stringy....that is until they get to be a bit older when they change and then later hens get tighter again. Sorry if I am not much help, but the crests all look like cockerels to me. Age would make a difference though. Also the cockerels get the horned comb pretty quick, like the one on the right in the first pic. Dig through those feathers and look. If they are the same age, and only one has the bigger horned comb, then I would change my vote and say 1 boy and 2 girls.
As for the cochin, if I did not know it was a cochin I would think silver laced wyndotte, so I guess it would be silver laced cochin? Can't really see the feathered legs. my slw color on wings first and get the rest later. That one looks like a pullet to me.

Very pretty birds!!! Love those polish!!
I believe only one of the Polish has the large horns. If the others do they are pretty small and they are all the same age.
Also, one has started crowing. So for sure one is a rooster. I have not seen which one is crowing though.. lol, when I come to the cage everyone gets quiet. The Polish are about 3 1/2 months old. They are just a little older then the Cochins.

The Cochin is probably about 3 months give or take a little.

Thanks for all the comments thus far.

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