Boys or Girls? Blue and black ameraucana


9 Years
Feb 26, 2011
I am looking for input on these four Ameraucanas. I have ideas on what I think they are, but I've never had Ameraucanas before, so I could be totally wrong. We are getting ready to decide which will be staying and which won't. We are keeping a limited number of roosters from the various breeds we got this spring, so I'd like to end up with one Ameraucana rooster. These are about 12 weeks old now if that helps in identification at all. Thanks in advance!

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I am definitely not an expert (hoping to post some of my own pics for input today!) but I have Ameraucanas also, and have been researching this. I think the first two pictures are pullets, the third is a roo.
x2 - IMHO the tail on #2 looks rooish, but #3 the comb looks rooish...... I have Ameraucanas, but the comb on my roo is in "less than desirable" condition....

But, I have to agree with LavendarFeather
#1 and #2 are cockerels. Wide comb, shiny and pointy saddle feathers. Harder to say for me on the blues. Been awhile since I had younger BBS Ameraucanas, but the blues look a bit boyish to me. The first blue is making me go back and forth a lot, though.

Maybe Jean (pips & peeps) will pop in and give her opinion.

Here is a young black cockerel I used to have-note the wide comb on him:

And his sire, Scout, at 14 weeks old:

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All of the Ameraucana's pictured are cockerels
They all have hackle, saddle, and sickle feathers already in, not to mention the red combs!
I was thinking the same thing, but just hated to be so definite about the blues, too. I don't see any pullets in there, either, I really hate to say. One of the blues was confusing with a slighter more girlish comb, but boyish body. Still, if I had to call them for sure, I'd say all males. VERY definite on the blacks!
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Wow, I was TOTALLY wrong. I thought the third picture was a boy because of some really long tail feathers... I'd better post my chicks soon, they're 7 weeks now and maybe I'm all wrong about them.

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