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Hi! I have four silkie chicks that are 15 weeks old this past monday (oct. 29, 2012) and i'm trying to figure out if they're boys or girls. from what i'm gathering, i have 3 boys and 1 girl, but i wanted your opinions. (the three supposed boys also have bumps where spurs look like might develop and the other supposed girl doesn't)

I bought them from a mennonite farm that specialized in just silkies and one other kind of chicken, but they don't sex them. we just picked 4 from a whole clutch of chicks.

Thanks a bunch for your help!

oh - and the third silkie picture (from the top) seems like he would have had 6 toes on his one foot - he has two toenails that are fused together and that toe is really fat....
The second one from the top is a pullet. All of the others look like cockerels. I'm no expert though. I have forteen White Silkies and all of them have five toes exept for two, one of those two has six toes and the other has five toes on one foot and four toes on the other.
I agree with chickengirl47 2 is a pullet and the rest are cockerels I think!
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Thanks so much for the replies! I wonder why the first one's comb looks like an actual comb....from what I was reading, they normally look like the other 2's combs - like a walnut.

will there be any problem with keeping the three boys?

I also have 7 other chickens- easter eggers - and 3 of those ended up being roos.....that batch of chickens will be 20 weeks on Nov. 13th. They all free range in my yard and then go back to the coop all together - I'm hoping they will all just get along with each other? (the fact that there are 6 boys to 5 girls....)
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My roos get along pretty well, but they do fight alot. And some times they all chase one of the other roos and, he gets so depressed... But other than that, they are fine together.

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