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Apr 5, 2015
So, Leroy, my Jersey Giant Roo is now about 16 weeks old. He decided that it was a good idea to puff up and stomp at me when I was petting one of the hens. So when he came at me sideways, he got himself a swat on the back. (He took off running at that point) and then he was picked up and carried around for a few minutes while getting a lecture from me about how I am the beginning and then end in his world. I have VERY impressive skills in the kitchen and that I was deeply disappointed in his behavior and will NOT accept it. And no, I know he didn't understand it but I felt better about it. LOL So when I was ready to put him down, I did, then immediately picked up one of the hens and scrubbed on her a little bit, then put her down (they don't mind being held). And even though he was staring at me, he decided against causing some ruckus that time and just watched me. I really do like this bird and I'm hoping it's just a "teenaged" boy thing that he'll grow out of. I WILL NOT deal with a rooster that acts like a donkey. I will continue my daily "bonding time with she who must be obeyed" just to reinforce the point. I've trained German Shepherd Dogs and raised two teenagers to become productive adults, I think I can handle this..LOL

I've read the numerous threads about dealing with aggressive roosters, and like I said, I really do like this bird. So please keep your fingers crossed that he got the point...LOL


May 18, 2015
The best way to eliminate this is yo shame them. You can do this by holding his legs in your hands upside down. If that doesn't work then you then do this again but you are tri dunk his head in Easter. Really quick, you don't want to get the water in him obviously. It sounds cruel but it really isn't its over quickly and it works. I thought it sounded bad until our rir roo, Tony danza (the irony), attacked my two year old little sister.

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