BP black/lav Silkie pair plus bonus pullet!

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    May 19, 2009
    I am liquidating everything non-Serama, except for a couple of pets. I am offering, at my cost, a pair of Bobbi Porto- bred black silkies. The roo is an '08 by Chili Pepper out of a lavender hen, and the hen is an '09 by Eyeore out of blue hens. I believe these sires are pictured on Bobbi's website. I have not had these birds for very long, and the only reason I am selling them is because the rooster is loud. He has a crow like a farm rooster, and he doesn't belong in town. I haven't gotten any official complaints yet, but I would hate it if he ruined everything for my whole flock! He was going to be the foundation of my lavender empire.

    To speed up the production of lavenders, I am offering a black/lav Silkie/Cochin pullet. Except for her smooth feathers, she is all Silkie! Five very correct toes, black skin, walnut comb. The only thing she could improve on is her ears. They are not torquise, as called for in the standard, but they do have a bluish tint to them. Her father was a lavender Silkie, and her mother is a beautiful white Cochin, who I'm keeping as a pet. My isabel Silkie, Phyllis, is not being included in this package because 1. she has yet to lay a fertile egg and will be useless to any breeding program, 2. she has been sitting in a corner for the last couple of weeks, waiting for me to hatch some Seramas and give them to her, and 3. she is the love of my life!

    I can take more pics of whatever you need. The $160 asking price is my cost for the pair, and I am not asking to make a profit; I just need some quiet around here! Their behinds are not as fluffy as they could be because I just trimmed them up for breeding. My hatching skills are so pathetic, that I need all the help I can get! Oh, I do have one chick from the pair, I'll get a pic of her as well.

    [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]Here's the baby, hatched 5/8/10. I can't ship her with the others, but she can be included in a local sale.
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