BP Black Silkie Chick, 6 wks old, NC

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    6-week-old black silkie chick hatched from eggs purchased directly from Bobbi Porto. I have been unable to determine (or guess) what sex this little fellow is quite yet. The chick is healthy and sweet, but has a very slight cross beak. Due to this, I would say that it is pet or breeder quality at the most. Very cute little baby! I nicknamed this one MoHawk since it had a perfect mohawk crest for about 2 weeks. Since then, it has started to poof out. Due to the weather and since it's one chick, pick-up only, please. Please let me know if you are interested. I may be able to bring him/her to the Smithfield, NC poultry show on Feb. 6. Thanks for looking!

    I will also include 2, 4-wk-old Corturnix Quail babies for free if you would like them.

    MoHawk with siblings
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