BR - Lowest on pecking order starting to 'peck' at others at food bowl

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    Aug 2, 2010
    I have 5 BRs of about 22 week old. They all started to lay within last couple of weeks.
    There were two that matured late, and one of them wouldnt come to me when feeding,
    stays little farther than others, wouldnt eat while others are eating from the bowl etc.
    I thought thats lowest on pecking order and would adjust. But that chicken
    is now mature (red bomb, wattles) and laying eggs along with others.

    Problem: Over the weekend I noticed that when I put food bowl outside,
    this chicken is poking others with its beak. I have seen this multiple times
    and other chickens are kinda scared to eat with that one in same bowl now.
    Interesting thing is, when the bowl is in the coop (as opposed to outside, open field)
    other chickens just get along ok and eat together. But this one stays out.
    The chicken in question also has very different 'voice' like mild
    voice as opposed to others who can wake up town when they are laying.

    Anyone seen this type of behavior ? Is the chicken trying to take revenge on others
    for maturing late ? Will this resolve ?

    Note: Sorry if I reposted. I am concerned that the flock is going to fall apart. [​IMG]

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