BR Roosters Crowing Sounds Like People Being Murdered

Discussion in 'Chicken Behaviors and Egglaying' started by mtnviewfarms, Aug 21, 2011.

  1. mtnviewfarms

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    Hello chick loving friends. My 3 BR roos - 23 weeks old today - have been 'trying' to crow
    for a couple of months now and at first I thought the terrible 'attempts' they made were
    just because they were 'trying to get the hang of it' but - although they are huge and
    gorgeous boys - they 'crow' constantly from 4 a.m. until after dusk - but it sounds like
    people being visciously murdered rather than roosters crowing. Is this normal for BR
    roos at this age or are my 'boys' just 'vocally challenged'? Thanks for your comments.
  2. speckledhen

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    Hi, neighbor, from Mineral Bluff! They'll get better, I'm sure. Your screen name is almost the same as our farm name, Mountain View Heritage Poultry. Barred Rocks are my favorite of all time. I have some gorgeous youngsters growing out now, have had BRs for years, but these are some super nice quality. My almost 20 week old male isn't even crowing yet. That's surprising, not used to that.
  3. mtnviewfarms

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    Hello Cynthia -

    Yes, we are nearly 'right up the road from each other'. We live in Ellijay. That's funny about your farm name.
    Our farm name is Mountain View Farms. If you have the time visit our 'farm' pages on Real Time Farms website

    We should get together for lunch some day soon and 'talk chicken' - especially BRs. How many BRs do you
    have? We started out with 54 - Meyer messed up the order which was originally for Welsummers but they
    didn't hatch out as planned for them so they called and gave us several options and we chose BRs but didn't
    know anything about them at the time. They 'doubled' our order so ended up with the 54 in the mail with a
    brooder box fixed up for 27 - that was fun!

    Fast forward to our selling off the extras and we've now got our chosen 'flock' which is 3 BR roos and 24
    pullets. We had expected to be getting more eggs than we are at this point. A couple of them started laying
    two weeks ago and very slowly a few others and we're getting 8 to 10 eggs per day now at 23 weeks - is that
    about right? We thought all of them should have been laying by now.

    Once we ended up with all the BRs and researched the breed we were so pleased that we got BRs vs. the
    Welsummers we had originally wanted. We love the Heritage Breed idea and want to selectively breed our BRs
    but the local 'market' for selling POL birds around Ellijay and Jasper area is terrible. We figured out how much
    they cost us by the time they are POL and we would have to get $20 per bird just to cover our cost and that
    dosen't take into account our time.

    We hope to sell some eggs directly from the farm but won't sell them for less than $4/doz or $5 for 18 and that's
    over the 'going local rate' of $3 per doz. What do you get for your POL hens and your eggs?

    I could sell at the Jasper Farmer's Mkt where I sell my totally natural handmade skin care products but I need to
    get a candeling license to do that and since I don't believe in 'govt. interference' in what I can and can't sell there
    I'll just have to try to be content to sell from the farm - that is if and when anyone will pay our asking price-LOL.

    Thanks for your reply about my BR roos vocal 'issues' - I hope you are right about them 'getting the hang of it' soon!

    Take care.

  4. speckledhen

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    Elaine, I started with only two Ideal hatchery BR hens, who died over the past year at over five years of age. Have a couple of hens out of them, plus a couple from a friend's McMurray flock, but they are aging now. I have a BR quad who are about to turn 20 weeks old that are good quality breeder lines and will be adding more from them, if Rex ever crows and mates his girls, LOL. So, total, now I have only 9 BRs. Eventually, as others pass on, the backbone of the flock will change over to BRs with some Ameraucanas thrown in, and a few Buff Orp ladies for my broodies.

    I sell POL pullets for $10, unless they are something rare and special. I sell eggs only to my neighbors at the moment at a very low price ($1.50--others down the street are selling them for that, too, unfortunately), trying to help them beat the high cost of living, though I used to charge them more. I told them if feed goes up, I'll have to charge more again. And sadly, it has. I agree about the interference by gov't agencies so I haven't done the candling class, either.

    Maybe we can do lunch some day soon, Elaine. Just have to survive this brutal summer! Acorns are falling and leaves are starting to turn in my woods and today was 90*. It's nuts! I want my mountain weather back!
  5. sgribble

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    May 24, 2010
    Hello! They will continue to pick up on the laying and in a couple of months you will have more eggs than you know what to do with!
  6. mtnviewfarms

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    Hello neighbor across the mountain in Chatsworth! Thanks for the reply - I hope you are right about
    us having more eggs soon than we know what to do with!
  7. nanawendy

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    Dec 28, 2009
    Bellingham Wa
    Well hello Ga peep that love BR roo's..I [​IMG] them too and have 4 in the freezer [​IMG] [​IMG] They got too rooie for my grandchildren. But back to the point... mine sounded like a harmonica was stuck in their throat. Totally cracked me up. One would start and they all joined in.

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