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I am new and I wish I would have found this site before purchasing my first chicks!

I picked up some chicks from the "assorted pullets" bin at TSC and did enough research to know that I had picked out 3 EE, 2 BR, and 1 RIR. Well, I have been reading on this site that you can tell the sex of BRs by the spot on their head. I, of course, have two BR with splotches that are not defined. The majority of the BRs had these splotches.

My question is, if it is a reliable indicator of sex, I am a little irritated that if it was something that simple of sexing male and females, why were there so many males in the "pullet" bin?? They did not have any straight run bins, except for the Cornish X's, so it's not like they were accidentally placed in the pullet bin. Also, I got there an hour after they arrived. I am also concerned that my RIR is a roo as well, because it's comb is a lot larger than the EEs.

Please tell me there is some hope that my chicks are pullets!


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Not just the head spot. This will help:

Traits must be taken together to form a conclusion. Doms, Cuckoo Marans and BRs can all be sexed this way.

Hatcheries don't use this to sex. They mostly do vent sexing and some have certain breeds bred so they can be feather sexed. Plus, sexing is an art and not always accurate.


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Barred Rocks are super easy to sex early on. The spot on the head should be considered with OTHER tips as well.

Three signs of a BR pullet:

Dark wash down front of legs
Somewhat defined spot on back of the head
Girls are darker and boys are a much lighter black/grey

For any of these to be considered you have to take all three things into consideration
Best thing would be to post a picture.

Also regarding the RIR and EE combs
Easter Eggers usually have a "pea" comb which is flatter and less noticable. Rhode Island Reds, Barred Rocks, ect have straight combs where they stand straight up and have spikes or "points."

If you are comparing combs I would compare the RIR to the BR rather then comparing them to an easter egger
just IMO
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The BR boys show color in their combs pretty early. I bought six from a feed store, and they were supposed to all be pullets. I think I have 4 pullets and 2 cockerels. The cockerels started to get color in their combs at around 3.5-4 weeks.


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Based on what I can see in your photos, I think both of your Barred Plymouth Rocks look like pullets. Typically, as the wing feathers grow in, the females have wider black barring than white, and the males have wider white barring than black.

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