Bra or Broody Dilemma - UPDATED PICS

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    UPDATE: Bra (sports bra - leaves a gap in the middle)

    Went out to check on the remaining egg out with the broody and the broody was off dust bathing while the egg eating former broody was scratching around in the nest - SO both eggs are in the bra. The EE chick is turning and zipping while the brown egg is working on zipping. Both chirping away in between short breaks. My dogs going nuts when the little ones are chirping.


    1 LOUD little chick has hatched - really loud and wiggly - dogs are going nuts

    I had a buff orpington go broody. She ate or she let someone else eat the four eggs under her while hatching or just after.

    I then put two muscovy eggs under her but they didn't develop. I then put four more eggs under her but 4 days from hatch one egg GONE.

    I then had a barred rock go broody, so I took the remaining 3 eggs and put them under her. The next day, one egg got pecked with crack in shell. Candling shows movement, so I taped the peck/crack. Still saw movement 2 nights ago, 2 days from hatch but yesterday morning the egg was GONE.

    This morning the green EE egg is pipped, so I took it and put it in my bra while doing a search here. I needed to go mow the pasture, so I put the egg back under broody with hopes it won't get eaten.

    After mowing I go check and it is beginning to zip and the remaining egg has pipped.

    My dilemma is - do I leave the eggs with broody and hope they don't get eaten like all the rest or put them in my bra to hatch out?

    I have the EE egg in my bra currently because it is so noisy with the chirping, I'm affraid it's going to get eaten.


    Has anyone been successful in hatching chicks in the bra and move them to a brooder? Once out of the shell, do you still need humidity?

    Pic is of the EE egg I have in my bra
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    I havent had success with hatching them in my bra,because Im a dude and dont wear a bra.I guess a guys bra would be a "Bro".I dont wear one of those either...uggg man-b**bs.
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    Well, I have actually had a chick hatch under my shirt before. The electricity was out for about 12 hours and I noticed that an egg was pipped in the bator. So, I took it out and kept it warm with body heat. I'm gonna tell you - once it hatches, the chick feels absolutely gross on your skin until it dries off. Plus, it is really chirpy and wiggly. Patience is key.
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    Quote:Did you keep it next to your skin till it dried off? I don't have an issue with that if need be.
  5. ~*Sweet Cheeks*~

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    Mar 12, 2009
    Medford, Oregon
    ~*Sweet Cheeks*~ :

    Quote:Did you keep it next to your skin till it dried off? I don't have an issue with that if need be.

    If you keep the chick in your bra while it dries - couple hours or so - and talk to it, etc., it WILL cry like a baby when you put it in the brooder.

    The second chick hatched - and I put it in the brooder sooner while it was still wet. That little one isn't crying at all.​
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    Southern California you sleep with it? How long has it been in your bra?

    Pretty Cool....good luck!! [​IMG]
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    What sort of cup size do you need in order to do this??
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    Sadly i was thinking of trying a 21 day- to -do with this.. but i know i have no conviction to stick with it that long [​IMG]

    My husband would definitely think im freakin NUTS if the power wasnt out
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    Are these the only eggs she had. I had one that got off with the first chick. Another I had to keep putting back in the nest with each chick til all four hatched.
    I've since learned to take the first chicks and keep them aside until the hen hatches all the chicks and then put them all back in with her.

    Hope all is well

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    Quote:Ha ha ha! That's just wrong! [​IMG]

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