Brabanters sexing-NEW PICS AWESOME


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I hatched these little ones from H&H about 2 1/2 weeks ago...Cream Brabanters

I know it's very very early, however because they are SO different I wondered if even at this point they can be sexed. The one with the very distinguishable crest had been named after my fiance's sister that just passed away, so I'm really hoping it's a girl although she/he is much more outgoing than the other. FYI they are in a batch of 26 other chicks!





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The V comb should be really pinkish at this point and you would know they are males when they are roughly six weeks of age as for me, for Spitzhaubens.

I am sure Carla or Amazondoc would know for sure!
ok here are new 5 week old pics of the cream brabanters I hatched. Judy's crest slicked back showed the beginnings of a comb
so Judy is a Jude???

The other one doesn't even have a crest. Will she develop one?




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I'm subscribing to this topic. I also have 4 new Brabanter chicks & I'm interested in how they may develop & whether they are all girls as advertised. Mine are only about 2 weeks old. Here's a picture from a few days ago. Their crests have grown a bit since I took the pic. I'll try to get some new pictures this weekend. It's interesting to me that all of their crests are slightly different.

the first and sec pics I would say its a ROO! Of course, it is Jude LOL!

The last two pics looks very much like a pullet. As for the non crest, I would not breed her because there is a chance she would pass down the non crested chicks. Therefore its a Judy. Either she will have a very very small crest or none at all at maturity. I had a Spitzhauben like that and I immediately culled her out and it was NOT a hatchery bred bird either.
Not wanting to change the subject, but is it common for Spitzhaubens to take over 12 weeks to show signs of cockerel/pullet?? I have 5 that are 12 weeks old and just in the last couple days did one start to get pink waddles and the v is pinking up. He looks like he has saddle feathers already, but so does one other with no pink at all. Again, sorry for railroading the subject, just wanted to ask someone with experiance with these birds. I like the looks of the Brabanters, may have to look into getting some of my own!!!

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