Braggs Mountain Buff

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    Aug 14, 2011
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    I am a chicken novice. I currently have 2 Astralorps, 1 Astralorp/Golden Lace mix, 2 Golden Lace Wyandottes, and 1 mystery chicken I believe to be a Buff Orphington. I recently came across the website for the Braggs Mountain Buff. I can only have 6 chickens due to city regulations, and I really need good layers with large eggs. My family loves eggs and we can normally go through 1/2 - 1 dozen of eggs a day. If these are really as good as they sound, I am considering replacing my whole mini flock with this breed for better eggs.

    Has anyone ordered from Braggs Mountain Poultry? What is your opinion of this breed? What is your opinion of this hatchery?

    Thank you.


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