Brahama bantam hatching eggs WANTED


May 18, 2015
Stourton, westmidlands
Hi there I'm struggling to find some Brahama bantam hatching eggs, I'm situated in stourbridge west middlands and I've always collected Wyandotte bantams and now I have a broody I would love to hatch out some Bahamas. Just wondering if anyone has any eggs for sale of any colour and would be able to post them or id be able to collect if not to far away.
Regards Lewis

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Aug 26, 2009
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Hopefully Yorkshire Coop will be coming along soon and answer your query. She has links for folks in UK etc. this particular thread is just for new members, so not many people check it out. Welcome to Backyard chickens. You could also put "UK thread" in the search box and see if one comes up.

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