Brahma chick with some very long wing feathers

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    Feb 1, 2017
    Hi all Am just got my first bunch of Brahma chicks, have not had this breed before. The smallest one seems to have strange wing feathers, the top feathers of the wing are very short and then there are a few very long ones. Is this normal? The rest of the chicks all look like a normal baby chick. Have posted pics but not sure if you can tell as the chick is mostly black.

    Am excited to try this breed, have a couple easter egger and olive egger and some white reg. laying hens from tsc at present. Hoping I have at least one lady in the bunch so I can raise my own next year.

    Also, any suggestions for our hens loosing all their back feathers, top of the wing feathers and feathers on head from an aggressive rooster. I have tried the hen aprons and they just tear them off. We have separated him from the girls but its difficult to keep them apart as we alternate them free ranging during the day and he is not happy to go back in his house.[​IMG]

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