Brahma size for 4?

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  1. spish

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    Apr 7, 2010
    since starting keeping chickens ive always wanted brahmas, but they are far too expensive so made do with other chickens...until yesterday!!!!
    i have been given 2 brahma roo's, each with their own girls (one has 2 ladies, the other has three)

    so im busy making seperate coops for them.

    now the roo's are HUGE, ive never seen a roo has big as the silver/blue brahma one we were given.
    they tower over my other chickens and most certainly dont fit through the door of the normal hen houses....
    so does anyone have some sizes/measurements of a hen house fit for brahmas?????
  2. Chickensman97

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    Mar 19, 2010
    Cromwell, CT
    I have 2 Brahma hens, they fit through a 2 by 2 door well. so, you should go slightly larger, if the roo don't fit make the door wider.[​IMG] my hen house is 4 by8 with three roosts and it holds about 15 standard size chickens, the run is about the same size. you could also just go under the coop design section and look under large coops.
  3. teach1rusl

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    I go by the 4 sq. ft. per bird minimum for large fowl. With an extra large bird, I would suggest a little bigger than that (well...I go bigger even with my standard girls). So if you can do it, I'd do a 20 or 24 sq. ft. coop w/ a 40 sq. ft. run. As for the pop door, I'd think 18-20 inches would be good. It's okay for them to have to duck down a bit to get in...lets less weather in. Good luck with your new birds! [​IMG]

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