brahma eggs for sale?


12 Years
Jan 1, 2008
Would any body be intersted in pure breed dark brahmas and RIR X Brahma crosses?

I have some usually only 6 at a time. The RIR's are molting right now so it may be more of the pure breed. The roo is a Brahma and there are RIR and Brahma hens. GORGOUS birds, I just love the way they look!

I have 6 eggs could possibly round up a dozen, but I want them to be fresh since they are being shipped.

I live in Montana and shipping would be $10.00 and 6 eggs would be $6.00.
Here is what I have right now ready to ship. 6 eggs. I have Dark Brahmas and RIR hens running around together. I have a Dark Brahma Rooster.

So technically it could be a cross or pure breeds. Now I stuck 3 eggs in the bator with some others and I got 2 brahmas. The RIRs are molting and have really slowed down and laying right now.

Its a gamble I guess either way.
I noticed you had lost your roo in the March swap thread.How long has he been gone and do you have any picture's of your birds?I have two light brahma hens in fact one is sitting on eggs right now,but I would like to have a couple of dark brahma's too.I just might be interested if I can work it out.
No. I am watching these chickens for a friend and she said I could do as I want with them. She said I was more than welcome to sell them as she wasn't there to eat the eggs or give to her regular customers.

She had told me the roo was getting to aggressive and they were probably going to kill him, but they never did! I went and picked up some today!

I had put 3 in my bator just for fun when I was hatching some others and 2/3 hatched and they definitley looked like pure breed brahmas. I can take some pics of the baby's if you want. THey are so cute!
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sorry they are blurry, I just can't seem to get it right

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