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  1. I'm looking for the following hatching eggs (next month, in May--my 'bators are full right now):

    3-6 Standard Light Brahma eggs (want to add new blood to my stock)
    6+ Standard Salmon Faverolle eggs
    4-6 GIANT Blue Cochins (show stock type)

    Also, please contact me if you have any breeds on the "critical list," I'd like to start breeding one or more varieties that are on that list, but I haven't made up my mind which kind yet. [​IMG] But they should be cold weather hardy....


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  2. bugladyleah

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    Apr 7, 2008
    Hey Heather...I have a pair of Sebs that are laying intermittently at the moment (they are only a year old). I have two eggs in the bator and they are both fertile. I can let you know if I get more. You can see a pic (not a great one) at Not sure where you are located, but I have a bantam Sultan hen (last year's hatch) that I would part with. Good luck!

  3. Leah--


    I would be very interested in getting a couple eggs from you...I did find a source which will sell me two of them for $22.10, shipped....can you beat that?

    I'm in Washington State--otherwise, I'd take you up on the Sultan hen!



    P.S. Please P.M. me with your sebbie prices. Thanks!
  4. chickenlisa

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    Apr 9, 2007
    Hey- where is the source of 2 Sebbie eggs for $22.10 shipped? I'd love to get in on that deal....They seem to be so expensive everywhere I look, and no fertility or hatching guaranteed. Agh.
    I'll want some in a few weeks when my incubators are empty.
  5. Too bad my chicks arent older or id sell you some eggs. I have light brahma chicks and standard salmon flavorell chicks that I just got about 4 weeks ago. LOL
  6. Mrs MIA

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    Mar 3, 2008
    I might be able to get you some beautiful Light Brahma eggs in the near future. I have one hen and one beautiful roo (he's the only roo), so the tricky part is figuring out which egg is hers. I'll have them separated into their new breeder pens (hopefully by next month), so if I can positively identify her eggs, you may have them. [​IMG]

    (There's pictures of both of them on our website.)
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  7. Cool, thank you! Where did yours come from? I started off with 25 from McMurray & now I'm down to just one awesome rooster & one awesome hen. The others were sold or culled....and I miss them...but I also wanted to improve my stock & bring in some outside bloodlines.

    Thanks! I'll check out your website!
  8. Mrs MIA

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    Mar 3, 2008
    Quote:LOL! I honestly don't know. The hen I got at our local feed store, and I believe they got theirs from MMH or Cackle. They only ordered from Cackle this year. The rooster I got quite by accident... someone was giving away all of their birds, and when I went to pick up 3 RIR hens they said he was the last of the chickens, and would I please take him, too. He's such a big beautiful boy that I couldn't resist. Between him and Charlotte, they'll make beautiful babies. I have to get cracking and get them separated soon, though, if I'm going to tell her eggs from the RIRs! I have the surveillance camera on the nests now, recording, just in case. [​IMG]
  9. LOL A camera?

    I LOVE my Brahmas...

    I was selling them off because I wanted to get more into the critically rare breeds--but then I realized that I LOVE them, they are sort of rare, LOL Plus, they are excellent layers!

    So now that I've decided to build another coop/shelter area, I can start gathering up more breeds. [​IMG]

    My plan is to have:

    Light Brahmas
    Golden Laced Cochins (standards)
    Salmon Faverolles (standards)
    And one other breed....but I've not decided which kind, yet. [​IMG]
  10. Florida chick

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    Jan 19, 2008
    I can do 12+ Muscovies for $40 that includes shipping. If your interested send Paypal to [email protected] I have Chocolates, Lilacs, white and Blues.

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