Brahma genetics for idiots?

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  1. crazybirdlady27

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    Apr 24, 2016
    Hey all,
    I have raised and bred chickens as a hobby for a while but I've decided I would like to get serious about brahmas. I have some hatchery stock to experiment with until I move to my new property in about a year, then I will be comfortable purchasing more expensive birds from a breeder.
    So I have started researching more about genetics specifically pertaining to brahmas. I originally had the impression that this breed couldn't produce a lot of color variety. Then I recently saw a thread where someone was breeding blue, blue with lacing, gold partridge, splash, etc. How do you breed those colors into a bird that only has 3 standardized colors, none of which (to my knowledge) contain any blue or lacing?
    Can someone please explain brahma color/pattern genetics to me like I'm in third grade? I really want to learn, but google's got nothing!
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    Mar 6, 2009

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