Brahma hen sick or not?

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    About a year ago I bought a brahma hen and cock. The first day I noticed she had breathing difficulties, so I gave her some medicine that is commonly used around here. Not much change, but she went on to lay and raise a number of chicks well enough. On and off she´s had a problem, most often has made rattling noises, sometimes with cold symptoms, sometimes not, mostly not apparently unwell. She never passed on anything to the cock or the chicks. Her off-spring are now breeding age, and none have the symptoms. Well, she´s been under the weather again now for about 3 weeks, no cold symptoms, just the rattling. I´ve given her the cold remedy again, wormed her, de-bugged her, given her ACV, etc.... I´ve checked for gape-worm, can´t see anything. I put her in a separate crate and gave her a 3-month-old companion who has not developed any symptoms. Any ideas? Anyone have experience like this? Could it just be that she´s got some strange weakness in the respiratory tract?!

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