Brahma or Red Star roo?

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  1. Hello Everyone!

    We ordered our chicks from Murray McMurray and asked for the free rare chick.
    When we got it we found out it was a Dark Brahma!! They also gave us 8 "free" Red Star roos [​IMG] . I got rid of all of the Red Stars except for 2. I only need one roo and I don't know which one is better. As of now the Red Star roo(s) is better than the Brahma but I would like to know what the breeds are like when they are older. As of now they are only 5 weeks old.

    To keep or not to keep. That is the question [​IMG]

    Thanks Guys!

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    First off, I have no experience with the red star roos. I do have a dark brahma roo that I adore. He's two years old now and he's a very good provider and protector of my hens. I don't handle him, never have and IMO, that makes for a better roo. He's a tad bit afraid of me and that's a good thing. Read my BYC page for more info. on that.
    Here's Thor (@ a year old and still growing):

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    [​IMG] Thor is one hansome roo![​IMG]
  4. Thanks!

    Does anyone else know about these roos?


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