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    So about 5 months ago, I got two one week old brahma chicks. I only got two because I'm practically new to raising chickens. I was hoping I'd get two hens, but I got lucky and got a chicken and rooster [​IMG][​IMG] but now I'm having trouble understanding my roosters behavior. At times He chases my chicken, but not chasing away, he follows her and looks for herwhen she hides from him, for the same reason that he chases her. But they usually lay down in the dirt and sunlight together, so im confused, does he not like her or what? What does this mean? Does he wanna bread with her? Because im not sure, but I don't think they are at a breading age yet (5months or so). And should I get more chickens? Maybe that's the problem? Thanks! [​IMG][​IMG]
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    He's trying to dominate her as well as getting ready to try mating with her, hens don't mature as fast as roosters so she's not interested in such things yet, very shortly he will start grabbing her and she will be screaming a lot. It probably best to add a few more hens if you can.
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