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    They will not roost in the coop. They want to roost outside. They are 7mos old and she is laying. I have 6 hens and my Brahma rooster. My coop is 4X8X8. There are 3 nesting boxes and a roost that is 6ft tall. It is about 3ft wide made like a ladder. Why want they go in the coop? Should I run them in everynight anyway. It is starting to get cold at night and Im not sure what to do with them. T he other hens go right in. Now I just got the other 5 hens they are all less than a yr old and raised by someone else. Im thinking my 2 were raised in a smaller coop and run and it was very hot here in GA. Maybe they are not used to the run?
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    Chickens are creatures of habit, so you could be right, this may be a past practice for them. I suggest you throw a treat into the coop just before dark, and then shut them in. Do this for about a week. They will learn to roost in the coop. That's pretty important because they're safer in there at night.

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    I would definitely make sure they go inside at night, not for the warmth, but rather because of the risk of predators. I'm not sure why they're not going inside unless they are new to the coop... [​IMG]

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