Brahma Rooster, Black Austerlorp and GC Roosters Crowing and Fertility

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    I have around 35 girls and 5 guys. My Golden comet is full comb and wattles no crow yet when will these dudes man up and crow??
    My other 4 guys arent quite there yet comb and wattles wise? Will my eggs be fertile yet?
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    There are several different things that will determine whether or not your eggs are fertile yet. A huge part of that is the age of the roosters and the age of the hens, but there are some other things that affect it. You might try cracking your eggs and see if you can see the bull's eye. This thread has photos that might help.

    Fertile Egg Photos

    Some roosters start trying to crow at an very young age, like a few weeks. Some don't until they are 20 weeks old or even older. Why the big difference, I don't know. Some people think it is purely a dominance thing, but I have not observed that. I've seen plenty of not dominant roosters crow in the presence of the dominant rooster.
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