brahma x cornish hen

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    does anyone have any idea what a buff brahma x dark cornish hen would be like? or bbr american game x dark cornish hen? i was given the hen and she was penned w/american game and she has laid three days in a row, i stuck the eggs in bator. i have her now w/buff brahma roo. any clues anybody?
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    I can speak a little on the brahma / cornish cross. If both parents are pure, that makes it easier to predict a few features of the resulting chicks, such as all should be pure pea combs,yellow skinned, brown egg layers. They should be a larger, well fleshed bird, although somewhat slow to develop. Will probably have feathers down the leg and outer toe, not as heavy as the brahma. Feather type should also fall in the middle, not as tight as mom, not as loose as dad. Color wise, you will probably end up with a partially laced red bird. Depending on the parent stock they might have the potential to have nice wide skulls, as both breeds stress this as a defining breed characteristic.

    I hope this is of some help, reading back over it, I used a lot of shoulds, and probablies. But just when you think you have a good idea what you will get, something flies in from left field. Sometimes I think it's God's way of letting you know he has a sense of humor.

    big medicine

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