Brahma x Silkie Hybrid, anyone have info?


In the Brooder
Sep 8, 2020
St. Louis, Missouri

These are my two brahma crossed with silkie hens I recently got! (They just started molting) They look very different but we were told they were both that cross. Fuzzybutt (the one with the silkie feathers) is the sweetest thing, I think a bit younger than Tilly, which is the other one. She’s just started laying, but is laying almost EVERY DAY. This is amazing, although I was so confused because everything I read said both brahma and silkie only lay 3-5 a week. Tilly is also so sweet. Loves people.
So, that’s the info I have! What I wanted to know was what you guys knew about this cross. How often do they lay? How big do they get? How old do they live to? Just anything you know! Also feel free to reply with pictures of any chickens you have that are this same cross.

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