Brahmas - age and sexing


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Jun 4, 2020
Hi all,
I'm a newbie and I would like to get some help understanding the Brahma breed.

Just for a fun story to begin with, I bough 5 baby chicks from a breeder in April - 2 Cream Legbars, 2 Lavendel Araucanas and 1 Black Copper Marans, turned out 4 pullets and one Araucana roo. All growing nicely. And then there was an open farms event and my husband managed to fell in love with Brahmas. So without a question two more chicks in our bedroom again. Pure breed but mixed colour Brahmas. Because the breed looks amazing and since we didn't already have Brahmas... Well-well-well... One evening I was spending time with my birds outside I started to take a more critical look on my Black Copper Marans pullet. Where's copper? Why are the legs so feathery? What's with the roundness? Can't be Marans, just can't. But what is she then? All was referring to a Brahma or cochin. Can't be Brahma, black Brahmas are really rare. Called up to the breeder asking what did she sell me and it turned out that she had black Brahmas in the same hatch and it is indeed a black Brahma pullet. Quite a score :) But it means that we already had a Brahma when we took those two extra chicks. Well, the more the merrier.

But coming to the question. Since those two young chicks were an emotional purchase from the place where there were many of them in different ages, then I can't be sure if they are the same age. It was told that they were hatched on last days of June. But one is considerably smaller than the other with less real feathers. So my question is, is it possible that they are the same age but the smaller one is a cockerel and the bigger one is a pullet? Or the difference in development shouldn't be so big and I should assume that one is considerably younger than the other?



Apr 21, 2020
The buff Brahma looks like a pullet and the other one is too young to tell although I’m leaning towards pullet. It looks like they are different ages because the lavender/blue is much smaller and has less feather development.

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